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Construction is underway on the new Bartlett Grain facility in South Jacksonville, IL.  The facility is located on the KCS Railroad and will be capable of loading 100 car trains in less than 10 hours.  Efficiency in receiving trucks is a priority.   The entrance, directly off Interstate 72 and Highway 267, will be controlled by a dedicated traffic light.  There will be three separate truck dumps each with a capacity of 20,000 bushels per hour.

About the facility:
The elevator will consist of approximately 1 million bushels of concrete storage space with 6 silos 145 feet tall. There will also be 2 steel bins which provide an additional 1 million bushels of storage.

The property, 136 acres, was acquired from Routt Trust.  Hogenson Construction of West Fargo, ND is the general contractor for the grain facility. Rouland Trucking and Construction of Jacksonville has been contracted for all the necessary ground preparation.  Both contractors are currently on site.

Work began with leveling and grading.  Progress to date has been “underground” in the boot pit area and silo reclaim tunnel. That work will continue along with backfilling and ground reinforcement over the next few months. In November, we expect to begin pouring the concrete slip form.  It will take about a week to complete.  The steel bins will be constructed at the same time. Roads, railroad tracks and equipment will follow. The plans also call for the construction of a berm to be built and planted with pine trees to shield neighboring houses.

The facility is expected to be fully operational in July 2013.

We are excited to build this state-of-the-art facility in this region and to provide area producers and elevators with a competitive, year-round marketing outlet.