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Benefits vary by Bartlett Operating Company, location, and local work and benefits rules.


Paid Holidays – Bartlett observes seven paid holidays each year.
Personal Floating Holiday – Each employee receives an annual floating personal day.
Paid Vacation – New employees automatically begin accruing paid vacation from their date of hire. Vacation benefits increase with years of service, to a maximum of four work weeks. You will be eligible to take your accrued vacation after 60 days of employment. Some vacation can be carried over from year to year.


Health Plans – Bartlett provides a number of health plan choices and deductible options. Bartlett shares the premium cost, and currently contributes up to 100% percent of the total costs for medical coverage depending on coverage chosen. Health insurance is available for no monthly premium costs to an employee (for employee only, high deductible coverage). If you choose a different health plan option, such as a lower deductible or family coverage, Bartlett pays between 74% and 81% of the premium cost.
Pharmacy Plan – All Bartlett Health Plans include a subsidized pharmacy program through Express Scripts.
Dental Plan – Bartlett pays up to 50% of the total costs for dental coverage.
Vision Plan – Bartlett offers a vision plan (through VSP). Bartlett pays 100% of the part of the Vision Plan that includes an annual vision exam. An employee may also choose to purchase additional voluntary coverage for discounted frames and materials coverage.


Basic Group Life Insurance - The Group Life Plan provides life insurance based on the employee's salary. Bartlett will reimburse you for the entire cost of premium for basic life insurance in an amount equal to one times (1X) your annual salary.
Voluntary Supplemental Group Life Insurance and Dependent Life Coverage – You may also elect supplemental group life insurance coverage in amounts equal to one times (1x), two times (2x) or three times (3x) your annual pay. Your contribution (premium cost will be determined by your age and pay. Bartlett also offers a Dependent Life Insurance plan, which is designed to provide financial protection for you should an eligible member of your family die while you are participating in the plan.


Voluntary Group Long-Term Disability Insurance – This plan provides an eligible employee the opportunity to purchase coverage to ensure a regular income during periods of prolonged disability due to illness or injury. If you choose to enroll in Long-Term Disability coverage, you will be eligible to receive monthly benefit from the plan after you have been continuously disabled (according to the plan provisions) for 180 consecutive days. A benefit would continue to be paid monthly as long as you remain continuously disabled (generally to age 65).
Short Term Disability Coverage – Short-term disability (STD) provides partial (60%) replacement of income in the event of an illness (including maternity) or non-work related accident which prevents you form working for a limited period of time. The plan begins benefit payments after an absence of 14 consecutive calendar days and continues for up to 24 weeks.
Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage – You have the option of selecting voluntary AD&D insurance coverage to provide benefits for you and your family in the event of accidental death or dismemberment.


The Bartlett 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan – A 401(k) plan is a full-service, tax-deferred savings and investment account that features a variety of investment options. New Bartlett employees are eligible to enroll in the program immediately following employment. For every dollar that an employee defers in this plan, Bartlett will contribute, or "match" an additional 50 cents (up to the first 4% of eligible compensation deferred by an employee). Employees "own" their own paycheck deferrals immediately, and generally fully vest in the company "match" after six full years of employment from date of hire.
The Bartlett and Company Profit Sharing Plan – Full- time employees are eligible to participate in the Bartlett Profit Sharing Plan upon compliance with plan requirements. This program allows employees to directly benefit in the company's success. Once a year, Bartlett may make a discretionary contribution into an employee's tax-deferred profit sharing "account". This plan, over time, can provide a significant additional source of retirement income. Employees begin vesting after two years of service and fully vest in their account after six years of service.


Medical & Dependent Care – Employees may choose to defer part of their income into a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This money is taken out of the paycheck before tax deductions are which lowers your tax liability. You then submit receipts for medical or dependent care expenses in order to be reimbursed.