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Hamburg, IA

408 Washington St.
Hamburg, IA 51640

Phone Numbers
Local - 712-382-1238
Fax - 712-382-2001
Toll Free 800-373-1238


Truck dump & office harvest hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Monday 2/18: CLOSED

MAX 18% Moisture for Yellow Corn

MAX 15% Moisture for Soybeans

DP Program: Corn is .05 cents/bu/mo. Beans are .05 cents/bu/mo. Both corn and bean charges are prorated daily.

Seller has 10 free days to price the DP-if bushels are not priced in the 10 free days then charges will accrue from the very first day of unload.

If trucker does not mark anything on the blue card (spot, contract, or DP) then we will sell what is brought in.

We offer competitive picked up at the farm bids, call the office for more information.

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Bids subject to confirmation by Bartlett Buyer

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Facility Information

Key Contacts

Origination Mgr: Mark Swerczek

Office: Andrea Herrick

Grain buyer: Grace Newman

Superintendent: Doug Aksamit


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