Bartlett Grain Company is a grain merchandising company that operates principally in the U.S. and Mexico. Our network of facilities spreads through the heartland of U.S. production giving us an in-depth knowledge of U.S crops and conditions.  Our expertise in logistics and transportation and our extensive rail shuttle capacity enable us to link producers to end users efficiently and in a timely manner.  We consider both producers and processors our valued customers.

Since 1907, we have been building a network of storage and handling facilities throughout the Midwest. This origination network gives Bartlett Grain the market knowledge, capacity and logistics expertise to manage supply chain risk effectively and to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Bartlett Grain has the in-house agronomy expertise, competitive prices and dependable service to help producers maximize yields and returns.  Our facilities are open for delivery when it suits our suppliers—our commitment to service means we work when you work.  We also supply producers with seed, fertilizer, crop protection products, and custom application services at twelve locations.
Bartlett is a trusted supplier of all classes of wheat, feed grains, food grade corn and soybeans. Flour millers, corn processors, feed millers and soybean processors depend on us for timely delivery of quality grains. We also provide merchandising and logistics resources to ethanol plants and end users of distillers’ grains.
Bartlett’s disciplined approach to risk management and hedging makes us a reliable partner in ever-changing markets.

We are committed to seeking growth opportunities that can enhance our services.