Bartlett Grain Company


Welcome to Bartlett Grain Company, L.P.

Bartlett Grain Company operates principally in the U.S. and Mexico. As grain merchandisers with over one hundred years of experience, we consider both producers and processors our valued customers.

Bartlett Grain Company deals in wheat (hard red winter, soft red winter, hard white, northern spring and soft white), feed grains (yellow corn, milo, dried distiller’s grain) soybeans and food grade corns (white, hard endosperm, waxy and non-GMO). The company supplies processors including flour mills, feed mills, soybean crushers, manufacturers of animal feed and ethanol producers. We own over 60 million bushels of elevator storage capacity along the Missouri River in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska and also have elevators in Western Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

In addition to merchandising and logistics, Bartlett Grain Company supplies producers with fertilizer, chemicals, and seed and performs custom application services for our growers at several locations. We also provide merchandising and logistics resources to ethanol plants and end users of distiller’s grains.

Our expertise in grain handling and management allows us to manage risk efficiently, and our network of facilities gives us the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our customers in an efficient and timely manner. We are committed to seeking growth opportunities that provide our customers the best products and services possible.